What should I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Just make sure you eat and drink something before you arrive for your booking — we’ll take care of the rest. The more rested and relaxed you are, the easier getting tattooed will be.

How much is a tattoo?

Pricing varies depending on each design, size and placement.

The shop minimum charge is $150. This covers the cost of the set-up, sterilisation and consumable one-time use supplies.

Fill out an enquiry form on our BOOKINGS page, and email us some reference images to help explain what you are wanting — we'll get back to you with an estimate price and availability.

Can I get tattooed if I am under the age of 18?

Those 16 years and older can get tattooed with parental consent, we'll just need a parent or guardian to complete a wavier form in person at the shop.

I need to change my appointment, how do I do that?

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please email or call the shop to notify us and we will get you sorted. We require 72 hours/3 days notice — this is so we have a chance at filling the spot in your absence.

If you cancel outside of this timeframe, your deposit will be absorbed. Please understand that this is to protect our artists from time wasting and loss of income.

What about the after care?

Its easy! Keep the tattoo wrapped for the rest of the day after your appointment. In the evening before bed, with clean hands, wash the tattoo using liquid soap under running water to remove any blood or ink. Pat dry with paper towels. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream, then cover the tattoo again with clean plastic wrap and tape if needed. Please only use skin specific tape. The next morning repeat this process — clean, dry, cream. From this point onwards, you do not need to cover again. For one week, 3 times daily re-apply a thin layer of cream.

If a slight scab appears this is fine but be careful not to pick or scratch it.

We recommend no direct sun or swimming for 7 — 10 days afterwards.

Feel free to call us at the shop if you have any other questions.